Emergency Communications BYU Senior Capstone Project


Zambia Scholarship Fund's proposal was approved by Brigham Young University's Senior Capstone program to design a needed communications solution for Northern Zambia!  This will be a humanitarian project with the goal to design and build a communications system that will provide a much needed method for rural areas of Northern Zambia to communicate to folks in the larger Kasama city.  Initial deployment goal is to support a rural clinic's communication with the cities hospital but the application and need is huge for many rural schools.

The need is best described by ZSF staff Tobias below:

"Radio Project- This .... project whose benefits you cannot understatement. The mobile phones only cover a small fraction while the lager part of the country remains unreachable. For example sick people in need of emergency health services have no means of calling on the hospital to send an ambulance; bush schools face the same challenge.
Your concern on service and maintenance on radio project are genuine, however I’m sure Schools and health centers where the facility will be mounted are capable of parting away with a small amount to maintain the equipment putting into consideration the benefit attached to it. Moreover any school that may be found wanting of failing to take good care of the equipment will threaten them with repossession.

Please visit the project wiki for working details