Orphanage in Zambia needs FOOD!

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I'm back from my trip to Zambia, Africa.  The need there is so great.  Besides trying to educate the youth past 7th grade and keep 13 year old girls from getting married and having babies, we found a great need in an orphanage in Kasama, Zambia.  We decided we needed to do something to help the children.  Therefore I set up an emergency GoFundMe campaign to raise the funds to feed the orphanage kids a second meal each day.

I'd love it if you took a moment to check out my GoFundMe campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/25x6u69w?pc=em_db_co2876_v1&rcid=af6e79b9de2a49639e3c8695e52a0406 Your support would mean a lot to me. Thank you so much!

Sandy Jensen   Call me with any questions!  801-814-3456

The Highlights of 2016!

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Meet our micro-fund recipients
Vice president Jim Boud and his wife Linda went to Zambia in March 2016. As soon as they stepped off the plane, they met our 55 micro-fund recipients. Old, young, men, women, able-bodied and handicapped alike, each approached Jim. With tears in their eyes, they thanked him for giving them so much. It didn’t matter if it was a simple sewing machine or tools to cut hair, each person was thankful to the point of tears.   Jim said it was the most tender thing he had ever witnessed and begged us to keep it going.  Thanks to the  support of many of you, we are happy to report we started our phase two micro fund program in January 2017 and gave more applicants a chance to create a job for themselves.1.jpg (800×460)

Building a place to hold our meetings 
We are making two dreams come true. ZSF is funding the construction of a building that will fulfil two needs. On Sunday it will make Pastor Francis and his congregation happy as it serves as a beautiful church. During the week, it will make our micro-fund recipients happy as a place to hold their much needed brainstorming meetings.

The Zambia Night Celebration 
If you missed the Zambia Night Celebration, you missed a great night of recharging your batteries.

The meeting was held at the lovely new Kaysville library. We had about sixty people in attendance. The highlights of that evening included reading thank you letters from our students in Zambia, and a presentation from Halee Roth showing us how to find the pictures and names of of ZSF recipients.

How many students did we help in 2016?
In 2016, ZSF funded 46 elementary school teachers, 93 college students, 172 high school students, and 55 micro-fund recipients. We are very happy with these numbers, but it is a bit overwhelming to maintain their support. We need your help now more than ever to keep all these kids and teachers in school!

Our thanks to the many giving foundations

Please be aware that while most of our donations come from individual persons, much of it comes from foundations set up to help good causes. We would like to thank the foundations who gave to this great cause this year and invite others to get involved. Even if you can’t give money personally, you may be able to give your time looking up these grant-giving foundations. We need more exposure for our cause. Grant writing is easy and fun. You submit an application in behalf of ZSF, wait, then have a feeling of accomplishment when you find one that wants to help! We have been doing this for 17 years. With a simple phone call, you can be ready to approach your first foundation. Please call or email Peggy if you are interested 435-279-8900 or  peggyzambia@yahoo.com

Sending packages 
Please note: If you wish to send a package to your school (nice pens, nice calendars, sewing kits, solar powered flash lights, hair bows, baseball caps, etc.), please send enough for all of the students on our program at your school. Send your packages to our two employees in Zambia and they will see that the items get to your school:

Tobias Mangani and Kelvin Chundu
Zambia’s Scholarship fund
PO Box 410212
Kasama, Northern Province

Thank you for a fantastic year. Let’s keep up the momentum in 2017!

ZSF Staff

Wow, So much to share! Here’s a recap of our Zambia Night of Celebration

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The annual Zambia Night Celebration was held in the lovely new Kaysville library auditorium on October 25th. Highlights from the evening included introductions of our volunteers and a letter read from a student by each school representative.

Sandy Jensen -  Ituna High school
Renee Query -  Kasama girls High school
AJ Roth  - Mungwi Tech
Jacob Mclaws - Molobola Jr High school
Susan Brockbank - Katabunga High School
Denise Petersen & Karen Haslem -  Cheleshe Chepela School for the Handicapped
Bari Olson  - Kasama Boys High School
Cam Hess and Maggie Scworiski - Adopt a School (Elementary Schools)
Hope Olsen - College Rep

Halee Roth, our google docs and graphic design specialist,  made a lovely color program and showed us how to find the pictures of each of our schools, our students, our teachers and our micro- fund recipients by opening the folders in our google doc’s. Just put http://bit.ly/2dS1Pyc in your browser address field and up will come the folders double click to open them.

To find a current list of all our schools, the students and sponsors at each school, and what to send to your students and teachers in Zambia go to http://bit.ly/2e5QCXy and open the "Schools for Public View" or "Things to Send" folders. To see lovely slide shows, inspirational posters, and fun ways you can share Zambia with your friends, family, clubs, and churches go to http://bit.ly/2d7JZmg .

Jim Boud gave an inspiring report on his trip to Zambia last March and talked about meeting his favorite micro-fund recipients.

We would like to challenge each of you to reach a little deeper into your pockets and make a donation towards helping other people in Zambia start up a job for themselves by sending any amount towards phase two of our Micro Fund Program (begins January 2017).

Allow us to explain why some of you have received individual application forms from students and individual letters from students from your school reps through the mail.  Although we have changed to a sponsor supporting a school instead of an individual student, we thought it would be special to send you a sample application form and have one student from your school send a thank you letter to you.

If you wish to send a Christmas package to Zambia, please send enough items for all of the students at your school. Ideas include nice pens, nice calendars, sewing kits, solar powered flash lights, hair bows, baseball caps, etc.  Or you can send a school kit package to our two employees in Zambia, Tobias Mangani and Kelvin Chundu, and they will  get the items to those in need. Donated  items can be mailed to:

Zambia’s Scholarship Fund
PO Box 410212
Kasama, Northern Province

We are in need of grant writing volunteers! Grant writing is easy and fun. Once you submit your application, you sit back and wait to see how much money is raised. What a feeling of accomplishment when the grants come in! Peggy is holding a grant writing class at her home the first week of December. Please email her (at peggyzambia@yahoo.com) to let her know you are interested, and she will get you more details.

Thanks again for your donations to the students in Zambia!

Peggy Rogers and the ZSF Volunteers

July 2016 Update

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Many of you are wondering what to do next. . . 
If you received an individual application form and a group picture of the students at your school, you don’t need to do anything. This was sent out for two reasons. First, we want to share the students’ yearly application forms with you. Second, some sponsors have expressed a desire to write to one specific student. However, because of funding and student logistics, please understand that your donation goes to support the school you received a letter from. If you want to write or send care packages, you can write to the student you received an application from or to the group of ZSF students at your school. The address of the school is on the application form. However, keep in mind that you are now contributing to a school, not necessarily one particular student.


More information, please!
Darin Andersen, one of our ZSF volunteers, heads up the e-commerce website, embroidery.com. He has a vision of how an investment in technology would significantly enhance ZSF’s outreach and donor experience.  

Imagine this:  A website with a private login for all sponsors, students, teachers, and volunteers.  Sponsors would automatically receive updates on their student, school, or micro-loan including photos, recipient interviews, and written correspondence. Current and prospective donors could browse a list of student and microloan applications and choose whom or what to sponsor.  The website would accept donations by credit card and automatically send out reminders for missed payments.  Donors would have secure access to their payment history.  The website would include a message board and donor forum for online conversations and posts regarding ZSF.  Volunteers would have an access point for the information needed to complete their assignments and manage collaborative projects. Volunteers and administrators in Africa could upload progress reports via their smartphone.

Although an information system with these capabilities would be expensive to implement and maintain, Darin believes that it would attract more donors, and make existing donations and volunteer work more effective.  He feels the benefits to Zambia students would far outweigh the cost.

The ZSF has striven for 100% of a sponsor’s donation to go directly to the student, school, or micro-loan they are sponsoring and will not depart from this goal.  We would like to know if there is an interest in pursuing development of the proposed   ZSF Web Hub and if there are people or foundations willing to donate specifically toward this endeavor.  The cost estimate is around $25,000 to develop and $1000 per month to maintain.

How can we do better? 
We are trying to make your experience with ZSF a good one, but we need your feedback. If you would like to make suggestions, or or if you want to make a donation towards the new ZSF Web Hub, give us a call at 435-279-8900. If you would like to meet with our board in person to discuss things, we will on holding a ZSF volunteer and sponsor meeting in September. All are welcome to attend. More about that in will be in our next newsletter. 

Look what’s new for 2016!

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Look what’s new for 2016!

Happy girls unload paint for the finishing touch to their new dorm

 Thanks to each of you, Zambia’s Scholarship Fund will be able to help even more students this year than last year! Because of your generous donations during 2016, we were able to increase the number of students at each school from 15 to 20. We were also able to add two new schools – Mbusa Jr. High and Mpika Teachers’ College. This brings the total number of schools we help to 7 high schools and 3 teachers’ colleges. We have increased the number of teachers on our adopt-a-school program to 45, and we have given out 55 micro finance opportunities to new Zambian entrepreneurs. Wow! Thank you.

Our Adopt-A School Teachers:

ZSF information on Facebook

Coming in February……..see all of our applicants, our high school and college students, our teachers, and our volunteers on facebook. We will be posting their names and information in order to get this information out to YOU. It will be updated every 6 months to keep you current. Just visit us on facebook.  Not on facebook?  Email Peggy for a complete CD of the listings.

ZSF Vice-President Jim Boud and his daughter visiting Cheleshe Chepela,
the school for the handicapped, in 2015

Jim Boud (pictured above with the students), our vice president, and his lovely wife, Linda, will visit Zambia in March. If you wish to send anything with him for your school or your students, please contact Linda at Linda4Zambia@yahoo.com. If you are not sure which school you are sponsoring or the names of the students at your school, please email Halee at haleejroth@gmail.com

Exciting news from Jim Boud’s Trip to Zambia!

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Jim Boud (our ZSF Vice President) and his wife Linda have just returned from a very successful trip to Zambia.  In Kasama they attended a meeting where all but three of our 55 micro-loan recipients were in attendance. Jim and Linda were impressed with what the micro-loan recipients had accomplished with just $200 worth of start-up equipment and/or product. 

 Christabel and Charles Chitundu started a business making school uniforms for student grades 1-12 with the treadle sewing machine the ZSF purchased for them.  Thomas Mubanga is selling vegetables and other food items from a small stand and supporting his family by doing so. Chanda Ngulube opened a stand selling phone cards and has now added other products.  Enless Ngulube opened her own small sewing shop in town and has more work than she can keep up with.  Linda and Jim visited her shop (see picture below) and Linda ordered a skirt, which Enless had ready two days later.  Another woman opened a hair salon, and she and her husband are having a difficult time keeping up with the customer demand. Another couple successfully raise and sell 100 chickens every 6-7 weeks, having started with just 25 less than a year ago. One crippled man sews on the porch in front of another shop attached to a home (see picture below).  He is now totally self-sufficient.

Jim and Linda reported all this as tears ran down their faces. We wish each of you could have heard their emotional report. Everyone at the micro-finance meeting in Zambia expressed their appreciation for the opportunities provided by the ZSF.  Jim conservatively estimated that 1 in 4 micro-loan recipients have created a job successful enough to provide for their entire family. Yuliya Love-Kryuchkova Lynch, the Utah ZSF volunteer over the micro loan program, was so excited over the Boud’s positive report that she has decided to go to Zambia next year with Peggy to fine-tune the program to ensure its continued success.

Computer Savvy Volunteers Needed
Please spread the word that  we are in need of some young volunteers who are good at computer skills (such as face book, instagram, excel spread sheets, scanning, answering emails from Zambia, etc)

High school students we sponsor at Kasama Girls School

Jim had a great idea on how to provide continued assistance to ZSF high school graduates.  He sat down with each principal of the four teachers’ colleges we sponsor and instructed that from now on, one-half of all the students we sponsor through college must be graduates of our high school scholarship program.  When he visited each of the high schools we sponsor, he told the students if they finish high school and want to go to teachers’ college, there are scholarships waiting for them.  Good idea, Jim!

Darious Chanda, one of our teachers in our “Adopt-a-school” program, rides 45 miles on the bike we furnished him to pick up his pay from ZSF and purchase groceries each month.

Jim and Linda met with the PEO, the education official over the Northern Province of Zambia. The PEO said he was very impressed with the ZSF’s ‘Adopt-a-School’ program and how our teachers are willing to work at the primary schools ‘out in the bush,’ where no other teachers want to go. He is going to fill all 15 employment openings he has available right now from the 45 ‘in the bush’ teachers we are presently paying salaries for!  That means 15 of our “Adopt-a-School” teachers will be hired by the Zambian government and their salaries will triple.  We can now hire 15 new ZSF graduates to start teaching in the bush. The cycle is working. In a country where numerous graduates from teachers college are waiting to be employed, this is great news for our ZSF graduates.  We want to thank to all of our ‘Adopt-a-School’ sponsors for making this happen.
Great progress is being made in Zambia, thanks to your financial donations. Students are being educated, teachers are finding jobs, and families are gaining a vocation. Many lives are blessed thanks to your generous contributions. You are making a difference!

Zambia Experience by Denise Petersen

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     Hi, my name is Denise Anger Petersen.  I went to Zambia last May and it was so much better than what I had envisioned.  My story starts when I received the email about the Zambia scholar vehicle that was used for transporting had overturned and they were asking for donations to replace it.  At the bottom of the email, Peggy asked for volunteers to  go to Zambia and that they would have to pay their own way.  I didn't even consider for a moment that I would do this because I am not working and live off a small pension from my former deceased husband and after reading Peggy's book about all the scary things that happened to her,  who would want to put themselves in dangers way.  Zambia was not the place for me.

Little did I know that this would be my test in life.  It happened as I was taking my daughter to the Brigham City Temple open house.  We had been talking and I mentioned Peggy's email and about needing volunteers.  I had moved on to my next thought when out of the blue a still small voice said "And you are going"  I couldn't believe what I had just heard and I didn't dare tell my daughter for fear that I didn't have enough faith to go.  The spirit was very strong for quite a while and I knew that it was from the Lord.  Finally after a while I told my daughter and she thought it would be a wonderful thing to do.  She had not read Peggy's Book.

I would be facing all my fears. The dangers at the borders, the heat, the mosquitoes, disease and discomfort, and spending my money on something I really didn't want to do.  I thought of Jesus and all the prophets who willingly sacrificed everything and how they were obedient to whatever was asked of them.  Could I do it?  I really had my doubts but as time went on I knew that I had to pass this test.

When I told my Husband that I was going to Zambia, he thought my money would be better spent on my children's college education and why would I want to do this?  Peggy's example of Love and sacrifice is something I truly admire and If she could go as many times as she has and by herself, then I could go once.  I gathered my courage and went to Peggy's house to tell her.  In the mean time I had shared with my Sister, Charla Jensen, about this humanity trip that I was planning to go on. When out of the blue one Sunday she says "I've been thinking about going with you". It really took me by surprise but there is no one that I would rather have as a traveling companion than my sister.  Her support would be a comfort to me.  But we are not seasoned traveler's by any means and without Karen Haslem and Rosemary Jensen, we could not have done it.

The trip wasn't at all like I had thought it to be.  I never felt that I was in danger, we only saw 1 mosquito, the weather was perfect, and the people so kind and very spiritual.  We never got sick and my money was restored even before I had left home.  That's a miracle.  The experience was some thing that I will never forget and always treasure.  So, if your thinking of going I highly recommend it.  You will learn patience, meet good and caring people, came away counting your blessings and your life will be changed forever.