How You can Help
We aren’t just about scholarships any more! The Zambia’s Scholarship fund is excited to share with you the many ways you can make a difference.   . You can sponsor a high school or college student and you can pay an elementary school teachers salary but there is so much more . . .  . You can travel to Zambia to teach ideas at our trade skills school. Share your ideas. Everything from Pasta to wooden boxes. These ideas can help students become independent and create entrepreneurial jobs. . You can purchase a treadle sewing machine for a high school home economic classroom and for our trade school. . You can purchase wood working equipment, hammers, hand saws, vice grips, and nails for a high schools wood shop. . You can send us your ideas and how to instructions of things the students can learn to make. At our new trade skills school. . You can support a student’s trade skill idea with a micro loan. A small donation can fund a job. Each student will need money up front to get their new job off the ground. Be that support!! Have fun browsing our new list of ‘ways you can help’ and dive in!