2018 End of the Year Report

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2018 End of the Year Report PDF with pictures

2018 Year End Report

This past year ZSF had the best year yet!

Because of you we helped: 228 high school students, 115 college students, 55 micro-fund fund recipients, 53 elementary school teachers, purchased: 30 bicycles, a 2nd meal at the Kasama Orphanage, filled the handicapped school’s cafeteria with benches, installed 5 solar panels for light & communication in bush schools, Built 4 bush high schools!

To see current pictures & video’s of students, schools, trips, old & new projects, visit our website.

In 2019 we plan on installing a solar panel at each of our elementary schools located in the bush . . .

But that’s not all . . .
We have 3 big projects underway. One is ‘A Light In the Darkness’. If we bring light to teachers, they can prepare lessons at night & charge phones so they can reach the outside world. Thus they like to stay in the bush to teach the written English language, and light is given both literally and figuratively.
  Next is our new Orphanage/school. In a country where giving birth is still a life or death situation, there are many orphans, children who have no one to help them attend school. We would like to build a safe orphanage where babies and children can live and be cared for at night, and attend school every day.

Lastly is the making of our new documentary. We are sending a professional crew out to film a day in the life of some of our most remote school teachers, and follow students that live in a village but walk to school carrying their weekly food on their back and on Friday go back home to gather more food for the coming week. We love the idea of sharing a day in the life of teachers and students!
But it will require professional camera equipment, batteries, chargers, and much, much, filming & editing time.

How will we do it all?
A Twenty Year Celebration!!
Yes, we have been helping schools, students, teachers, children, communities, thousands of Zambians over the past twenty years.
2019 Marks our twentieth year.
And we need your help to make it special. We want to invite everyone who has ever helped over the years. We want to recharge our batteries and mingle & meet with new people while sharing with others the difference they can make, by giving very little.

Can we count on you?
Saturday November 16th 5:30 PM (Little America, Salt lake City, Utah.) Highlights of the evening include dinner, a sneak preview of the documentary, special musical number, Zambian nativity scenes. Bring your spouse, your family members, and your friends.
The cost is 100 dollars per ticket. (Most of this will go towards our new projects)
If you wish to purchase a ticket or send a donation by mail to:

Zambia’s Scholarship Fund
PO Box 515
Brigham City Utah 84302

Or you can purchase tickets on our website with a credit card at: www.zambiascholarshipfund.org

It will take a lot of help to make this night special.
We definitely need volunteers.
If you would like to volunteer call or email
Peggy at
435-279-8900 peggyzambia@gmail.com Or Barbara at
801-589-0336 ssentllc@gmail.com

Thank you for a fantastic year. Let’s keep the momentum up in 2019!!

ZSF Staff

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