2018 End of the Year Report & Jan 2019 Newsletter

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Happy 2019!!

This time of year may seem slow for some, but we at Zambia Scholarship Fund know it’s a time to put on our work gloves!   2019 will be our most exciting year yet and there is much to do!
Much to do!!

Going forward you can look for a few things in our newsletters

  • A sponsor spotlight
  • News & updates on current projects
  • Updates on our 20-Year Celebration plans

But first…  I know it has been said before, it must be said again – Thank You!  – Yes you!!   Thank you all — All of you!! For everything you do to support Zambia Scholarship Fund!  It wouldn’t be possible, in fact, it would be completely impossible, to touch, to change, the lives of so many without your caring hearts, your giving hands, your sincere and generous love!

Thank You!!

Our first Sponsor Spotlight of 2019

Troy & Aimee live in MD.  Troy works for the Federal Government.  They donate to ZSF through the CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) an organization that brings caring people together.  If you are interested in learning more about the CFC, click on the following link.  https://www.opm.gov/combined-federal-campaign/    

The following is a letter Troy & Aimee wrote to Peggy.  It is such a beautiful letter, we wanted to share it in its entirety with all of you.

Hi Peggy,

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) – Wanted to let you know I’ve submitted Zambian Scholarship Fund success stories that will be published for the CFC campaign in an organization newsletter.

A colleague at work is a champion for the Combined Federal Campaign.  We were discussing different charities and I, of course, took the opportunity to discuss my favorite charity (Zambian Scholarship Fund).  She asked if I had any success stories I could share.  I told her I was sure I could get one.

I hope you don’t mind, I borrowed from material that was recently sent to us regarding the Light in the Darkness Campaign.  Unfortunately, due to rules of the campaign, I was not allowed to specifically use the name of the Zambian Scholarship Fund but I did my best to give ZSF specific hints.  Here is my submission in it’s entirety:

My name is not important, but your name is.  You might feel like there is no way to make a dent in the ever growing pile of hopeful causes. But much like the proverbial star fish flinger, I am here to tell you that is not the case.

You can, and do, make a difference.

Consider this letter to the organization from a beneficiary:

“Dear Sponsor
My name is Ruth Chileohe and I am a girl aged 15 years old.  I come from a family of seven and I am the last born.
I lost my parent when I was just five years old. I was left with my elder sister who is just an ordinary business lady. She sells vegetables and tomatoes to make ends meet. Hence I face a lot of hardship in life, in terms of finding money to buy school material. For that reason I end up struggling.
I stay in Kasama, Musenga township.
So I appeal to you dear sponsor, to keep on sponsoring me in order to acquire decent education in life.
Am thanking you always, God bless you.
              yours sincerely,
              Chileohe Ruth”

Or this one ….

“Dear Sponsor,
Firstly I greet you. I would like to give thanksgiving and appreciation to you for the aid you are providing me. I am doing grade 11 now at the age of 17 years. In my education, I am facing a number of consequences. I am a double orphan staying with my unmarried sister in a powerless renting house. Actually, we eat food once a day. I am staying approximately 2 km away from school. In my family of 5, excluding parents, I am the only one who has reached this grade. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters who have never been to school and they are jobless as at now. Since grade 10, I have been experiencing eye problems for lack of lens glasses. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy spectacles. This program is very important and beneficial because without it I will stop schooling. This program will make me achieve my goal of drawing and rescuing me and my family out of the Jaws of poverty. It will also make me a better and respected member of the society, reliable and depended on by people other than my relatives. My future on education and my education depends on this program. This program is vital as it is providing and enhancing education to people alike. Be blessed.
              Yours faithfully,
              Frank Chansa”

This year marks twenty years for this charitable organization. They have decided to embark on one of their biggest projects ever; to equip 50 village school teachers with solar panels for communication & light. They call this a light in the darkness for two reasons.
Literally speaking these teachers live without electricity. Figuratively speaking they are bringing light to children who live in the darkness of, a lack, of education …
Sixty-Five percent of  Zambians still live in the bush, meaning they live in a hut surviving off the land with no electricity, no running water, little or no education, no money, many times speaking a tribal language that is not even a written language. They will never be able to send their children to school past the seventh grade. High Schools are located in towns & after seventh grade education must be paid for by the student & their families. In a country where jobs are scarce, the government has no revenue to help.
They began this project last May when a group of electrical engineers volunteered & paid their own way to go over & put solar panels on five of these schools. The solar panels provided 2 great things; lanterns for teachers to see & prepare lessons at night & cell phone chargers so they could communicate with the outside world.
They couldn’t believe the outcome. The teachers literally cried with joy. Their greatest challenge has always been to keep teachers at these schools. It is difficult for anyone to live in these conditions but with just two luxuries (a bicycle & a solar panel) these wonderful teachers have a better chance at making it.

You can, and do, make a difference.

My name is Troy Corbett and education in Africa is my cause.

(end of submission)

Thank you SO MUCH Troy & Aimee for your support!  We Love You!!!

Below is a snapshot of our 2018 Year End Report.  Please pay special attention to the piece about our upcoming 20-Year Anniversary Celebration!

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