We Empower Zambians Through Education!!

  • Zambia's Scholarship Fund (ZSF) has a unique full circle program that works

  • Your dollar goes further because . . .

  • We don't build schools; we help existing schools, currently supporting:

    • 222 High School Students
    • 80 College Students
    • 50 Elementary School Teachers
  • We are an all volunteer based organization which means 100% of your donation goes to your student

  • We help the poorest of the poor  . . .  we help in the most remote province of Zambia, the Northern Province

  • 65% of Zambians still live in the bush

  • 91% (living in the Northern Province) are unemployed

Where is the taxable income? Where is the money to pay teachers, schools, roads, churches? To top it all off, a high school education is not free.  If you don't have money, how does your child go to school?  No wonder time seems to be standing still. 

But not for long . . .

ZSF has been working with schools and teachers in Zambia for 18 years.

We have seen progress. We have seen growth.

ZSF is an all volunteer based organization.  That means 100 percent of your donation goes to the cause. We are all volunteers!  No one in the USA is paid.  All website designs, trips to Zambia and administrative expenses are paid out of the pockets of our volunteers.  

Remember, we are working with the poorest of the poor.  The Northern Province is the largest and furthest from the capitol city of Lusaka.

By supporting existing schools, your donation goes further. However, there is no shortage of mud and grass to build schools and there is no shortage of capable graduated high school students that would make great teachers. There is just a shortage of teachers. By paying a teacher’s salary, countless children get a new opportunity on life or by paying the students high school fees, their dreams can come true..

What is a school without a teacher . . . 

"We can make the US dollar stretch further in Africa, therefore more lives will be changed and uplifted per dollar than any donation to a local organization can make. I know this is a bold statement but I believe it is undeniably true."

- Peggy Rogers


Zambia’s Northern Province is so remote that the unemployment rate is almost impossible to tally. According to Wikipedia “the Northern Province has no industry at all, and its primary economic activity is agriculture. The most commonly grown crops are maize, millet, sorghum, groundnuts, and beans. Most of the food produced is consumed within the province. There are very few farmers who grow crops on a commercial basis in the province. Most of the people are peasant subsistence farmers using the traditional “slash and burn” shifting cultivation locally known as “chitemene”, and are barely able to even produce enough to feed themselves.”

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