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  • Why Zambia's Scholarship Fund?

  • Zambia's Scholarship Fund (ZSF) has a unique full circle program that works; 1st we provide teachers for children at rural elementary schools, 2nd we provide scholarships to high school students (a high school education in Zambia is not free) 3rd we help high school students become teachers!

  • Your dollar goes further because . . .

  • we help existing schools

  • Our Board members cover all operational costs, that  means 100% of your donation goes to your student

  • We help the poorest of the poor  . . .  the Northern Province of Zambia

  • Next year marks 20 years!

Yes! we have been helping children and students for 19 years.

We have seen progress. We have seen growth.

There is no shortage of schools . . . 

However, what is a school without a teacher . . . Help us get these eager teachers out to the children.





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