High School Scholarships
College Scholarships
Elementary School Teacher Salaries

Zambian’s value education as much as you do, but lack access to teachers in elementary school and funding for high school and college. We pay teachers in elementary schools and offer scholarships for high school and college students.

Sponsor A Student or School just $25 - $100 a Month

Unemployment in the Northern Province of Zambia is over 80%. Just because you have an education doesn’t mean you can get a job. We support trade schools and fund entrepreneurs.

support a small business startup with $300

Volunteers traveling to Zambia quickly realize there are innumerable needs to be met. Each year we evaluate the most pressing needs such as books, chalkboards, benches, a new roof, and kitchen supplies for schools; computers and treadle sewing machines for trade schools; bicycles and supplies for rural teachers; solar panels, 3 new schools, and an orphanage!

Buy a rechargeable lantern for $40 or Solar panel for $400


New Orphanage

A safe and secure place for orphans and local children to live and attend school. The land needed for this project has been secured, now we are working towards supplying the materials and manpower to get this built in 2019.

50 Solar Panels

With our successful launch of the ZSF Solar Panel Project, this year we plan to double down! With your support, we will illuminate all of our remote bush schools and bring cellular connectivity to our teachers.

A Bike for Every Teacher

Teachers in Rural Bush Schools travel up to 100 kilometers to pick up a pay check. We will be sure provide all teachers with new bicycles.


This March the personal lives of our students, teachers, and entrepreneurs will be captured and documented in a heartfelt film on location in the Northern Province of Zambia.

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