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Zambia's Scholarship Fund provides a unique Cycle of Education program that works in one of the poorest countries in Africa!
Through our Cycle of Education: We provide a monthly salary for teachers to teach in poor and rural communitiy schools. We provide scholarships for students to attend high school. We encourage high school students to become teachers by sponsoring them at a two year teacher's college. We support existing Zambian schools. 100% of donations go directly to Zambian students.
Unemployment in Zambia is over 90% and due to lack of revenue, the Zambain government cannot provide public education to Zambians beyond the seventh grade. Ten years ago, Zambia's Scholarship Fund (ZSF) began helping students and schools in the remote Northern Province of Zambia. In this poor area, teachers for elementary education are scarce and many communities have not had a teacher for years. ZSF began by sponsoring 10 students at Kasama Teacher's College. Today, we support over 521 college students and 756 high school students. We have also created over 223 jobs by paying teachers to teach in poor and rural village schools.
Zambia's Scholarship Fund is listed as an approved charity in the Combined Federal Campaign's annual publication of 501(c)(3) charities. To locate us in the publication, our CFC number is 10806. ZSF also works with USAID, African Vision of Hope, Books for Africa, and the Better Business Bureau. For more information, please contact Peggy Rogers.
ZSF would like to express our appreciation to Gladys Lamb, Director and Founder of the I Treasure organization, which has raised money in her Brooklyn, New York community to help the people of Zambia. I Treasure is a faith-based mentorship organization for girls and women ages 10-19, which promotes independence, empowerment, and character building through prayer and community involvement. Although Ms. Lamb's community is considered poor by United States' standards, she and her organization recognize that many of the poorest Americans are still much better off than many people in Zambia. Ms. Lamb says: "The reason for developing a partnership with The Zambia Scholarship Fund and Soles4Souls, Inc. I used these civics projects to teach the girls not to be materialistic and value education here in the United States.  Although we live in what is considered to be the 'poorer neighborhoods' we still have so much to give. This mentorship organization was created to teach young girls how to love themselves first by developing a relationship with GOD, second to build a stronger relationship with their mothers and to be true in everything they do and touch!"
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